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13 January 2010 @ 11:51 pm
EPIC plans are afoot! Who's down for this???  
zerocoolphreak: you sir, are suffereing from lack of fun times
zerocoolphreak: the disease is spreading!
bloodyrunesmaho: fuuuuuuu.....
bloodyrunesmaho: what do we do, doctor heather?
zerocoolphreak: we drink and engage in shenanigans!
bloodyrunesmaho: STAT!!
zerocoolphreak: break stuff in parking lots or something
bloodyrunesmaho: boozometer...
bloodyrunesmaho: think so?
bloodyrunesmaho: i'm sure i've got some things to smash
zerocoolphreak: hehe
bloodyrunesmaho: ooh, we need a baseball bat >=D
zerocoolphreak: smash beer bottles after we drink em
zerocoolphreak: walmart!
bloodyrunesmaho: yes
zerocoolphreak: open late for all your smashing needs
bloodyrunesmaho: huh
bloodyrunesmaho: well i gotta work tomorrow morning.
bloodyrunesmaho: so you have to convince me.
zerocoolphreak: I like the idea in my head of getting a baseball bat and maybe going somewhere out away from everything and bring a bunch of shit to either smash or use as a baseball and just go to town
zerocoolphreak: we should do that with some people sometime
bloodyrunesmaho: yeah
bloodyrunesmaho: i'm down.
zerocoolphreak: yeah and bring guns to shoot stuff too
bloodyrunesmaho: mmhm!
bloodyrunesmaho: kris wants to go up to larch when the opportunity presents itself
zerocoolphreak: yesssss
zerocoolphreak: when it isn't too cold and it's dry
bloodyrunesmaho: cody's roommates got guns by the butt-load
zerocoolphreak: fuck yeah
bloodyrunesmaho: kris got guns
zerocoolphreak: I haven't shot a real gun since I was a kid
bloodyrunesmaho: i've got no objection to visiting value village in search of a bat and/or smashables
zerocoolphreak: aw damn, this idea is getting awesome
bloodyrunesmaho: fuck, you know what? let's get a 24 pack of soda
bloodyrunesmaho: those'll go right out of the park!
zerocoolphreak: yeah, cheap shasta shit
bloodyrunesmaho: fuck yeah
bloodyrunesmaho: those are good for shootin, too, i imagine
zerocoolphreak: now I'm excited
bloodyrunesmaho: mmhm
zerocoolphreak: beer, guns, shootin, smashing stuff....
zerocoolphreak: it doesn't get much better
bloodyrunesmaho: oh, man. I want to make some low-grade explosives and shoot those, too
zerocoolphreak: unless we bring porn
bloodyrunesmaho: better learn how =/
bloodyrunesmaho: omg
bloodyrunesmaho: PORN
bloodyrunesmaho: and BOOZE
bloodyrunesmaho: and...
bloodyrunesmaho: uh...
zerocoolphreak: nekkidness?
bloodyrunesmaho: BOOZE!
bloodyrunesmaho: i guess that can come, too
bloodyrunesmaho: but that might not go over so well at larch
zerocoolphreak: no?
bloodyrunesmaho: if we could find a private estate on which it is ok to shoot, drink, and smash, however...
bloodyrunesmaho: and nekkidness is also ok...
bloodyrunesmaho: then fuck yeah
zerocoolphreak: nekkidness is ok if no one else is around
bloodyrunesmaho: nekkid destroy party!
bloodyrunesmaho: damn, that gives me a hardon, ya' know?
bloodyrunesmaho: i'm just imagining.... shotgun... soda... explosions...
zerocoolphreak: and boobs
bloodyrunesmaho: lettin it all hang out.
bloodyrunesmaho: well
bloodyrunesmaho: boobs give me a boner pretty commonly
bloodyrunesmaho: this isn't like a sexual boner.
bloodyrunesmaho: this is like a...
bloodyrunesmaho: uh...
bloodyrunesmaho: gratuitous destruction and firearms boner
zerocoolphreak: We should bring pirate flags too
bloodyrunesmaho: eh
bloodyrunesmaho: i'd rather bring gasoline
bloodyrunesmaho: and set something on fire.
zerocoolphreak: light stuff on fire that we just want to see how it burns
bloodyrunesmaho: yeah
bloodyrunesmaho: when it gets dark
bloodyrunesmaho: and throw in all the things we've smashed
zerocoolphreak: know where we can get a cheap or free fax machine?
zerocoolphreak: then we can go office space on it
bloodyrunesmaho: and dance, chanting around it!
zerocoolphreak: haha yessssssssss OMG
bloodyrunesmaho: um
bloodyrunesmaho: there's one at my parents house
bloodyrunesmaho: also a computer
bloodyrunesmaho: dunno how they feel about me getting drunk and naked and shooting/smashing/burning these things.
bloodyrunesmaho: Somehow, i imagine my dad would be proud...
zerocoolphreak: oh yes
zerocoolphreak: what dad wouldn't?
zerocoolphreak: he'd be sad he is unable to do it himself
bloodyrunesmaho: no dad i would like to know.
bloodyrunesmaho: I think this conversation has just been nominated to appear on one or more journals.
bloodyrunesmaho: by me.
zerocoolphreak: yup
zerocoolphreak: and me
bloodyrunesmaho: all in favor, say 'aye'
zerocoolphreak: twas planning on it!
bloodyrunesmaho: aye.
zerocoolphreak: AYE
bloodyrunesmaho: XD
zerocoolphreak: tales of our night of destruction will sweep the land
zerocoolphreak: and everyone will be jealous
bloodyrunesmaho: lol
bloodyrunesmaho: smash clubs will form in every major city.
zerocoolphreak: first rule of smash club....
bloodyrunesmaho: the third rule of smash club, no shirts, no shoes, no pants.
zerocoolphreak: this will be EPIC
I'm feeling...: excitedexcited