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17 February 2010 @ 06:04 pm
I have pink eye! It's gross... and I look funny cause one of my eyes in swollen. I decided to go to urgent care and I also have a sinus infection. They precribed me a 4-day antibiotic for my sinuses and some antibiotic eye drops. Those damn drops cost me $70 though... But whatever. I don't want to have bloodshot, gooey swollen eyes longer than necessary. Also, I hope I didn't accidentally give Derick pink eye, since we boned in the backseat of my car last night... right in front of my house. Bad Heather! haha. This morning I realized that I left my bra in the car... and when I went to drive to the doctor I noticed that Derick left his underwear in the back seat of my car! I lol'd. Last night was fun!

Before those shenanigans, Derick, Kyle and myself went over to Mississippi Ave in Portland for some real low-key mardi gras fun. We went past a CD/Game Exchange and couldn't resist... oh man, I scored some sweet shit! NES games bought: Friday the 13th, TMNT, Paperboy and Double Dragon. SNES bought: Beavis and Butthead. I also bought a few dollar cds too: Iggy Pop "American Caesar," Billy Idol "Cyberpunk," Babes in Toyland "Nemesisters" and one I have never heard called Hicky "The Proof is in the booze." After that we walked up to Casa Naranja and had some tasty $5 hurricanes and some tapas style food. I had some really tasty bacon-wrapped steak bites and quite possibly the best soup ever. It was a brown butter squash soup and it was sweet, rich and a hint of spice. My mouth had a soup-gasm! They also had a very unique drink menu that I will have to make my way through sometime. Very nice, chill place with a rad outside area in back that has swing seats around a hanging table and hammock chairs.

Hmm... I think I might attempt a nap or something... I'm really tired since I woke up early with my eye all glued together...
I'm feeling...: sicksick
anaverinanaverin on February 18th, 2010 09:48 am (UTC)
haha. Sweet! you should call me and tell me of your debachory heather. i shouldnt be finding it out first online! something is wrong here...

but hehehhehehe