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17 May 2010 @ 02:11 am
I've got a million things I could say, but nothing to say  
My birthday is right around the corner, and I haven't figured out what I'm doing yet. Must go to Rogue house for my free beer and t-shirt though. Maybe Stacy and I will go get our make-up done at the MAC counter or something. Four more days of work and my 6-day birthday weekend can begin! Friday night will be Geeky Karaoke, Saturday there is a party at the geek house... Sunday there is no plan! Well, I'm keeping Sunday evening open since it's Stacy's birthday and we may or may not do something that night... Monday, my birthday, no definite plans! How is this possible?! I have made some really stellar birthday plans these last few years, and it would be a shame to waste it. I don't have much extra money to throw around, though. :-( Especially with the I Fight Dragons show on Tuesday night, which I know I will want to buy a shirt at.

Blah, this is about all I can get my brain to muster up right now... too tired from work today, and lack of sleep last night. I think it might be time to turn the lights out and crawl into bed...