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25 May 2010 @ 04:02 am
It's late, I'm tired, yet not in bed...  
My birthday has come to a close... It was very enjoyable! Pete came in to Vancouver Thursday night and stayed until Sunday. :-) Over the course of the weekend we watched all of Firefly, which I am shamed to say I had never done before despite my owning the dvds. The birthday was spent shopping with Stacy and then going to Saint Cupcake, the Rogue house and Todai with Pete. We finished off the night with the finales of How I Met Your Mother and Big Bang theory, then watched Serenity to complete our Firefly binge. I'm excited to see I Fight Dragons tomorrow night! And to get tea with Megan!

Anyways, now I'm 26... the years go by so fast now it seems... I really should jump on getting everything on track for my life soon! But for now I will just go to sleep.