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02 December 2010 @ 02:14 am
still going...  
Or maybe I'm just overreacting and it's all just a big misunderstanding... except that it does not appear that she had to re-add anyone to her friends list, since everyone else is still there! No, she had to have specifically meant to remove me. I need to give this time... can't stop thinking that I should send her a message or a text or something... If she wants to have some space from me because I'm friends with Jared, then that's fine. I would like to get a heads up though. Maybe a, "Hey Heather, I'm a bit upset right now, gonna take a time out and remove you for a minute then add you back..." Hahaha! Yeah, that sounds funny now that I think about it. I just keep anticipating something from her... a comment, a text... anything. I need to wait it out. At least until sometime tomorrow. I'm upset with her behavior towards me, but not in a way that I will approach it with anger. I don't know if it will ever quite sink in to her head how much she hurts people when she casts them off like this.

Also, now that I have written 2 entires in less than 24 hours... I really miss this. I really need to just write more. It makes me feel temporary sanity when things are bothering me. I guess part of the reason I don't post much is because things are pretty good. I don't want to bore you all with "I love Pete" all the time. Oh LiveJournal... perhaps I miss you more after James Urbaniak (voice of Dr. Venture) mentioned you in the interview during Donkey Kong Marathon. That was awesome!