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07 December 2010 @ 05:15 am
Yeah... I'm done.  
The decision has been made. After several days of total silence and my anger growing inside of me, I really can't be Megan's friend. The silent treatment should have stayed in your childhood, my dear. You think I have stabbed you in the back... ok... I'm sorry, that is not an excuse. And now for some clarification, because I'm angry and I just really feel like saying the harder stuff.

1. What happened with Tim WAS A BIG FUCKING MESS and you know it. I had to deal with BOTH of you, so I know. I had to calm you down, and help explain to him why you were so upset. In that scenario, I think you overreacted because of a miscommunication/misunderstanding. Once you were calmed down, it was easier for you to make a rational decision concerning him. In the end, you told all of us that the reason why it wouldn't ever work out was because he is not a PDA person. If that wasn't the truth, then... well, I guess that is not my fucking problem, is it? I didn't realize it was such a sore subject for you, because I thought that it had all been resolved and you had realized that what happened was a misunderstanding. If you told Jared some other story that painted Tim up to be some terrible guy, that is not my fault. You think I should stick up for you? Sure. But shouldn't I also stick up for my other friends (and future family)?

2. Jared is my friend. I should be allowed to give him a proverbial pat on the back and say, "Hey man, sorry about what happened, don't beat yourself up over it." I firmly believe that I did not stab you in the back with what I wrote. I'm sorry that you think that. Ok, my brief mentioning of Tim hit you harder than I could have known it would (as stated above, because you have not made it known to me that it was such a sore subject)... and that comment about him would have ended with me saying it was a mess, but Jared said that your version of that story made Tim into a messed up person. I didn't hand out details, but I did feel the need to mention that it probably happened differently than how you told Jared it did. The only reason it got mentioned was because it was the first example I had to say to Jared that it was not your first time overreacting. And OMFG I'm so horrible for telling the truth.

3. The internet is serious business. Obviously, you should take what you read on the internet and blow it way out of proportion. Or maybe, I dont know... maybe you could ASK me if I'm saying what you think I am saying. Because if you took the time to tell me you're upset over something I said, none of this would have happened. I could have had some chance to say, "No, that's not what that means," or "I think you have misunderstood me."

I'm tired of this. I'm sorry your feelings got hurt, but I can't apologize for the reason, because I don't agree with your reason. You overreacted and treated me poorly because of it. If this friendship ever gets repaired, it certainly won't be the same. But right now, I'm tossing you out the window the same way you did to me. Have a nice life.