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05 April 2012 @ 04:11 am
I don't write much anymore, but I'm angry right now  
Ok Megan.


You DO NOT threaten Pete with his potential job. You let your dog Eli loose (what a silly little child to follow you so blindly into the dark) and I let that slide, because I didn't give a fuck what he wanted to say about me. BUT YOU DO NOT MESS WITH PEOPLE IN THE WAY THAT YOU THREATENED TO DO. You have crossed so far over the line. I honestly can't believe you would ever sink so low as to blackmail somebody. What the fuck is wrong you, you dumb bitch?!?! Can I even call it blackmail? Threatening to sway everyone you work with into thinking he won't be the right fit for the workplace? And why? What for? To get back at me somehow?! For what?!?! I make a joke over a picture and while drinking tell Ike he should post it for you because it would be hilarious. OMFG I MUST BE THE WORST PERSON ALIVE. Ike remembers this, and posts it. Then you tell some asshat to get online and insult me? I'm sorry... what exactly did I do wrong here? Laugh about how funny it would be if something was posted? WHAT A CRIME. My boyfriend, despite me telling him it is not necessary, comes to my defense. Really, he didn't have to because I was not offended... When this guy got out of control, Pete nicely asked you for peace so the guy would just go away. This was also after I told him he should just drop it and forget all about it. But no... ever the victim, you lost it. You threatened him, and I will -not- stand for it.

I don't know how these new "friends" of yours don't see right through all of your bullshit! I lost count of how many times you hurt me or tossed me out, and now it seems you're running around telling people that -I- am a horrible person and that -I- did terrible things to you? Whatever. I don't give a rat's ass. I don't know these people, so why would I care? If I ever do know them, they will realize that I'm not a bad person and never was. Someday *gasp* they may even realize what kind of person you are! I know what kind of person I am, and I know that I have an awesome group of friends. What do you have? (Besides a 5 o'clock shadow) The next replaceable "friend," one after the other. Oh, you also have boyfriends who are getting dangerously close to being the same age as your son. Why don't you give that a rest and date people closer to your own age? Oh, none of those men want anything to do with you? I can't imagine why! You know, it won't be long before the young ones feel the same way. Perhaps you should consider working on your massive character flaws. The biggest one being the fact that you are BATSHIT MOTHER FUCKING CRAZY. You must be crazy if you think I'm going to let you get away with all of this! I hope it was worth it, Megan dearest, because I will not let this go. You had best be prepared for the shitstorm that cometh your way. Remember that little outburst of mine at the movie theater? Trust me, that was nothing. You don't know fear until you have seen me lose control.

So, in conclusion, you can (1) eat a dick, and (2) die in a fire. I will -not- be accepting apologies and will not be happy until your life is in ruins. Thank you very much and have a lovely night!

PS- If you just wanted to be left alone, you would have been smart enough to not try and pull shit like this. Aww, but maybe someday you will learn.
Nathannatetheoriginal on April 13th, 2012 05:16 pm (UTC)
Like I get it. your mad. I just don't think she's worth all this energy.

But hey like I said before I'm not the one dealing with her bullshit. I just hope you can eventually take something positive from this or turn the situation into something more constructive for you.