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04 December 2012 @ 11:34 pm
Since I can't really put this on Facebook...  
I have to keep my boy-related stuff only on LJ. Why? Because I'm not going to rub things in Pete's face. I'm too respectful for that... and I don't like hurting people. But apparently last Thursday, I seemed to flirty with Cody in front of him because he left pretty quick. :-/ I was just talking to him. Whatever. I really don't want to make him uncomfortable. :-(

On to more important things!

I am definately done with Wes. As if that wasn't already obvious. I wonder if I'm going to have to have a talk with him about that... hmmm... I'm not a fan of those! For the time being, I've pretty much stopped messaging him, unless he talks to me first. And I probably won't be dropping those, "We should hang out soon," phrases in his direction either. I do want to be friends with him and talk to him still, and hang out, as long as it isn't weird. If he gets sad over this for some reason, it's not my fault. I gave him plenty of time to make a move in whatever direction, and no moves were really made. Last I heard from him, he didn't want to date a coworker. I don't care anymore! I have new boy, better boy! :-) You snooze, you lose, Wes!

Speaking of new... Cody is awesome. I just want to squee and I can't stop smiling. We spent last night watching movies and Doctor Who together, then cuddled and fell asleep. We haven't kissed, but he is dealing with a cold right now. Plus, he is shy (in the most adorable way!). I'm really glad he got the courage to ask me for me number! He told me that he basically had a heart attack when he did. So yeah, him asking me for my number was kind of a big deal! That just makes it feel even better. :-) Oh my goodness, though! I fully love spending time with him and joking around with him. Everything feels like an adventure! Also, he is going dancing with me at Shadowplay this week, and we're dressing up.

Happy happy happy!
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