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13 February 2016 @ 03:04 am
An interesting development!  
Cody came by to help Max, Derick, and myself clean and sort through the garage. He had a stick up his butt instantly, and it was very obvious. After everything was done, and the rest of his stuff was loaded into my car I took him home. Then I found out what was eating at him! And guess what! He finally realized what a huge mistake he made. Too bad it happened much too late. I've already dealt with the heartbreak and moved past it. I'm happy now. I'm more me than I have been in a long time and I'm really enjoying it. I did love him dearly once, but I just couldn't now. It's a bit sad, though... I would have spent my life with him, but he never really seemed to want that. Maybe he did? He was always just so damn emotionally blocked, so who could have known? I don't need that. So I had my heartbreak and got over it. He had his lack of emotion and was so sure it was all done... but then it must have all sunk in and now he's wrecked and dealing with the heartbreak. He made his bed and now he has to sleep in it. I feel bad and I don't want him to be hurting, but what can I do? *shrug*

Soooo... in other news, I am meeting Tinder guy tomorrow! I'm so excited and soooo nervous! I have no clue what page he is on... Is he interested in me that way or is he just making a new friend? I get one first impression and I am going to hope I make a good one. He's so new to the area that I have this overwhelming desire to take him everywhere and show him all sorts of things. Also, I just want to watch movies with him. I'm very excited for whatever happens. :-)

What else? Ummm I'm talking to another person on Tinder and that conversation is going really well. He is also going to comic con next weekend, so I think we're meeting up there. He's a pretty nerdy guy, which is a plus. Does karaoke, also a plus. Things are really looking up for me in the guy department. Also in the rental search! We heard today that we were approved for the duplex we applied for. Now to start packing all our shit! Sooooo much to pack... not looking forward to that. Maybe I will have a packing, pizza, and beer party or two. :-P

Life is looking good! Now to find that soulmate person or whatever, right? Maybe one of these two dudes will be my match? We shall seeeeeeee!
I'm feeling...: optimisticoptimistic