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17 February 2016 @ 02:08 pm
Shit. Fuck!  
I just talked to the realty company for the duplex we want. We will have to pay for all of March there. Regardless of when we actually move our stuff. That's double rent if we do that! So for me alone, my portion of the security deposit is $650. My portion of rent at our current place is $312. My portion of rent at the new place will be $450. This isn't even taking utilities into account. So by March, I'm dropping $1412. That's more than my tax return. That's decimating my savings... Good god. And I don't think Max or Derick can do that either. I'm freaking out! And comic con is this weekend! Fuck!

Ok, calm down Heather. Just calm the fuck down. Talk to Max and Derick. Talk to your mom, who will totally loan you the money from your account. Then I will only need to worry about the double rent, which is much more doable.

Calm down.

I don't want to lose this duplex... the kitchen is so nice! But... it's seem so hard to accomplish now.
I'm feeling...: distresseddistressed