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04 March 2016 @ 12:29 am
My oh my  
Wow life is getting crazy! We got the duplex and are slowly moving our stuff in now. I'm hoping to have beds and whatnot moved next Friday. :-)

Let's see... what else is new? Well, I'm sort of juggling three guys right now. Err, talking to three guys. Tinder has proven quite effective! The first was in Amsterdam, but continued to message me while he was there. He must think I'm pretty cool to do that while on vacation. /grin. Things have moved quickly with the second guy. He's very cool and I like him and all, but there are a couple things about him that are deal breakers for me. I feel as though he is going to end up hating me when all is said and done... or at least just be really sad. I know he has stronger feelings for me than I have for him, and I won't do more than just casually date him. We did hook up a couple times though. Can't put my libido on hold forever! Ha. Seriously though, I feel terrible for how this will inevitably turn out. :-(

The third guy... I am meeting him tomorrow! I'm not sure if it's a legit date, but I'm calling it a date anyway. We're bowling and getting drinks. Here's to hoping I make a good impression! Just have to figure out how to cover up the worst zit mark I have ever had... ugh! I'm looking forward to it regardless. We've had some good conversation on Tinder and texting and seem to have a lot in common. And perhaps now we will hit it off in person too. ;-)

What else... oh a couple manager positions have been posted at work! I'm really comfortable where I am right now at work, but I don't know when I will get this opportunity again. Our regional actually called me at the store today asking where my application was and let me know that the posting closes tomorrow. I'd say that is a good sign! I must have made a pretty great impression on him during that huge walk thru we had when Dayz was on vacation. So let's hope that me botching my application doesn't make me look bad. :-/ I clicked next on the page thinking that there was more to fill out and I could go back and improve on my other answers later and it submitted it. Hmmmmmm. Oh well I guess. I'll probably still get to interview for it, so that can be where I show my strengths. If nothing else, I stay where I am and wait for the next chance.

Kk, now can we fast forward to when we are all done moving please? I'm ready for that to be over. :-P
I'm feeling...: anxiousanxious