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Passionate Kisses and Sweet Temptation

The Life and Times of Pixie Bliss

Heather Jones
24 May 1984
Definition of Heather: smart, silly, geeky, generous, random, cam-whore, feisty, quick-witted, ticklish, lazy, always in the gutter, loves zombies, German, easily distracted, easily amused, slacker, messy, always running late, loves horror movies, loves cheesy British scifi shows on BBC, watches too much Scifi Channel, sporadically does awesome things for her friends.... want me to add one? Tell me how you define me!

80's music, a clockwork orange, acting, activism, amélie, ancient rome, animal rights, anne rice, anti-flag, antique stores, army of darkness, atari, bawls, bettie page, bif naked, big love, bill and ted, buffalo exchange, caffeine, care bears, cemetaries, clash of the titans, clerks, coffee, converse, corsets, cuddling, dancing, degrassi, disney, doctor who, dogma, domokun, dreams, dukes of hazzard, edgar allan poe, empire records, erotica, evil dead, eye of the tiger, family guy, feminism, fire, fruit snacks, futurama, g.i. joe, geek boys, geeks, germany, glow sticks, groping, hackers, he-man, horror movies, horrorpops, individuality, invader zim, jack off jill, jason mraz, jay and silent bob, jem, jolt cola, jones soda, journalism, jthm, kevin smith, kissing, kool-aid, longboarding, making out, mallrats, massages, monique powell, movies, moxies, muchas gracias, music, mythology, nada surf, nag champa, nekromantix, nintendo, nofx, obscure pop culture references, office space, old school, oregon, pasta, piercings, pirates, pocky, poetry, portland, powell's, publishing, ramen, rancid, reading, red light clothing exchange, reel big fish, robbie williams, rockabilly, ruby red squirt, save ferris, science fiction, sex, shakespeare, shopping, short hair, singing, ska, skankin pickle, skanking, skateboarding, smurfs, snorks, social distortion, southern comfort, sporks, star wars, stargate, straws, stray cats, suicide girls, super nintendo, swing, tattoos, techno, teenage mutant ninja turtles, the clash, the general lee, the living end, the tribe, thinkgeek, thrift stores, tiger army, tin lunch boxes, toys, transformers, urban eccentric, vagina, vampires, view askew, vincent price, vintage, vintage clothing, writing, zebra print, zines, zombies